K-Steel Grand Opening

IN THIS time of Covid-19 pandemic, most business proprietors are hesitant to venture into new enterprises or expand their horizons and instead just wait for the pandemic dust to settle.

But not for the owners of K-Steel Roofing and Framing Supplies Corp. (K-Steel) who see the pandemic as an opportune time to become inspiration for other businesses and get the economy of our country moving.

“This is our own little way to help and inspire other businesses and the people. The launch of K-Steel today serves as a catalyst to economic activity most needed by the country which can pave the way for more business activities,” Manuel III Idong Cerbo, president and Chief Executive Officer of K-Steel, said during the launching and blessing of K-Steel on September 8, 2020.

Cerbo said that “K-Steel’s mission is to contribute significantly to the housing industry providing fast, reliable, high quality and world class roofing and framing solutions using the most modern technology embedded with exceptional service and highest quality as the core of our operations.”

He added in his message to employees, “today marks a very important event for the contractors, real estate developers, homeowners, and construction industry in Davao as finally they now have a roofing solutions company they can go to serve their various roofing requirements.” “K-Steel, along with its affiliates, has engineers, architects experts in their fields that is why the best quality products are assured.”

“As we jump start our operations today, we commit to build stronger business relationships with our partners, customers and stakeholders making us easily reachable for your roofing needs. We leverage the use of new and world-class technology to deliver best in class roofing materials,” Cerbo added.

The opening of K-Steel complements its other businesses in realty development and construction supplies. K-Steel is an affiliate of Prestige Homes & Realty Development Corp. (Prestige Homes) and Kean Solid Blocks and Aggregates Industries Corp. (Kean Solid Blocks) according to its VP Operations and General Manager, Bernard V. Bernardino.

Bernardino said “contractors and housing developers are using a huge amount of roofing and framing solutions to support the increasing demand for housing units. K-Steel is going to transform the roofing segment. We aspire to transform K-Steel’s plant production and operational processes to achieve international quality standards. We aim to provide a good alternative solution to the other existing suppliers providing K-Steel customers with high quality products and superior customer experience.”

The matriarch of all Cerbo businesses, Miraluna Idong Cerbo, who is the president and chairman of the Board of Prestige Homes and Kean Solid Blocks, coincides the opening of K-Steel last September 8, 2020 in time of Mama Mary’s birthday as she envisions K-Steel to be a blessing to its customers and to the roofing industry. The number 8, which is composed of two circles, also denotes infinity, which is good for the business.

Cerbo added that K-Steel being handled personally by his son, Manuel III, who has extensive training in Ateneo de Manila University in Six Sigma and Business Process Management, their clients can assure that they will be in good hands in terms of quality products and servicing.

Cerbo said that “having been in the realty business, our edge and competitive advantage is we know the housing construction by heart and we truly understand the customer requirements better than any roofing manufacturer because we build and construct a huge number of Granville housing units. We know the customers very well. With this, we have an unparalleled edge in roofing solutions and materials having the most modern and the state-of-the-art plant as you see here today. Customers require the fast delivery of durable and quality roofing and framing supplies. The customers now have a company to rely on as K-Steel will meet and deliver their most stringent roofing and framing requirements on time.” (PR)

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